Перевод песни Thirsty Merc – Wasting Time

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All is fair
Im tryna make you notice me but you dont care
You play me like a broken game of snakes and ladders or cards or piano or a
record thats been thrown in the trash
I like you, I’ve liked you since I saw you walking down my street
I like your little vibe
And your clothes and feet
And your hair and your eyes
And your nose and your face
And your life…
I know your name
And I’ve got your number
I dont wanna save the world
I just wanna waste some time with you
We’re both so young
We might as well face it
I dont wanna change nothing
I just wanna waste some time with you
Three Blind Mice
I may as well be asking them for stable advice
Instead I’m on a see-saw all day and night
And all week and all month
And all year, all my life
I’m only human
If only you could see
You do some some pretty crazy little things to me
And I dont wanna change the course of history
I just want you to be next to someone like me and be free
Wasting Time
Wasting time with you
Wasting Time
Wasting time with you
Now you know
My thoughts about where I would like the story to go
I feel that if you’d really like to play it cool we should do it, do it,
do it yeahhhhh