Перевод песни Laakso – Great Times Underground

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Passing lights of passing cars
Under streets light, classy bars
It’s the closest to sunshine
That we’ll be for such a while
We grow older, we grow back
We grow younger than back when
We were the best of friends
When life didn’t have no end
You show me I will go out
But they say, go another night
I’ll stay home and I’ll stay sane
The nights out are always saying baby wait
I’m paying back for all the joy I thought I had
For what I once thought I enjoyed
For what I’ve come to hate
It’s getting late for these
Like us, like every single one of us
That you choose to call a different class
I accept the laws
Forever lost my trust for God in heaven???, with my eyes wide open
I accept the laws but I am still hoping??? and walls of stone (?)
This city’s yours, this city knows
Adapts to me and my mistakes
Enjoys??? day by day
Everyone and every street
Your city seems too much for me
Ahhhh x4
Show us how
From underground
We need to know
From underground
To overground
Can someone please
Show us how
x4 (from after Ahhhh x4)