Перевод песни Al Jarreau – Pleasure over Pain

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Three after two
The autum moments of a night without you
Endless seconds
Watching one window pain fight back the rain
While I’m trapped here inside your love
Once upon a time
You And I had an everlasting love that ended way before it’s time
Scattered like the stars in the sky
Are the feelings that I have for you that never got to shine
And it cuts me to the core
But I keep coming back for more
As long as love remains, then it’s pleasure over pain
Saying every line I should have said
Knowing every little move that I should have made instead
Tortured by a mind that won’t forget
And my heart is like a butterfly trapped inside your net
And it’s breaking me into
But for you it is the least I’d do
As long as love remains, then it’s pleasure over pain
Hear the seconds ticking by
Praying that you’ll change your mind
Breaking every rule I know
Ready to give up my pride
Waiting for a second chance
Have I waited way too long
If I had you here again
You would never leave I know
Here I am again tonight
Chanting out this little rhyme
Am I gettin' through to you or am I wasting time