Перевод песни Chicago – Let's Take a Lifetime

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Say no more,
if you want to kiss goodnight,
that’s alright by me.
Close your door,
make sure the latch is tight,
fall gently to sleep.
We don’t have to rush ahead,
putting questions in your head,
and an ache in your heart,
Let’s take a lifetime,
all that we desire,
build it day by day into forever.
Let’s take a lifetime,
All that you require,
here and now and ever.
In these times,
love is not some harmless game,
it’s played strictly for keeps.
No, It’s no crime,
wanting me to feel the same,
with the water so deep.
Come tomorrow once again,
we’ll be together until then,
we’ve dreaming to do.
Let’s take a lifetime,
all that you desire.
build it day by day into forever
Let’s take a lifetime,
all that you require.
Here and now and lasting ever more.
So hard to leave you standing there in the light,
you look so lovely.
If we must …
No use tempting fate.
repeat chorus out.