Перевод песни Hüsker Dü – She's a Woman (And Now He Is a Man)

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I can see her loading boxes in my mind
Into a belvedere with a trailer pulled behind
Well things didn’t go exactly as they planned
She’s a woman and now he is a man
There’s a vacancy between them everyday
And a sense of guilt that’s not going away
When they get older perhaps they’ll understand
She’s a woman and now he is a man
And now he’s into something that her heart cannot forgive
She’s saying to herself, «no, this is not the way to live»
He’ll never listen to her 'cause his mind is like a sieve
Oh brother! oh brother! I’m telling your sister
No way can I resist her
With a guilty feeling hanging in their brain
And the two of them are potentially insane
Well they’ve had enough which is more than they can stand
She’s a woman and now he is a man