Перевод песни Laurie Anderson – Same Time Tomorrow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You know that little clock
The one on your VCR
The one that's always blinking twelve noon
'Cause you never figured out
How to get in there and change it?
So it's always the same time
Just the way it came from the factory
Good morning
Good night
Same time tomorrow
We're in record
So here are the questions
Is time long or is it wide?
And the answers?
Sometimes the answers just come in the mail
And one day you get that letter
You've been waiting for forever
And everything it says is true
And then in the last line
It says: burn this
And I what I really want to know is
Are things getting better
Or are they getting worse?
Stop, stop. Pause, pause. We're in record
Because these stories
That we have remembered
And most of them never even get written down
And so when they say things like
«We're gonna do this by the book,»
You have to ask «What book?,»
Because it would make a big difference
If it was Dostoyevsky or just
You know, Ivanhoe
I remember where I came from;
There were burning buildings
And a fiery red sea
I remember all my lovers
I remember how they held me
East, East. The edge of the world
West, West. Those who came before me
We're in record
Come here little girl
Get into the car
It's a brand new Cadillac
Bright red
Come here little girl
When my father died we put him in the ground
When my father died it was
Like a whole library had burned down
Stop, stop. Pause, pause
Same time tomorrow
And wild beasts shall rest there
And owls shall answer one another there
And the hairy ones shall dance there
And sirens in the temples of pleasure
Speak my language
Good night