Перевод песни Laurie Anderson – The Mysterious "J"

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In a book there are several chapters about women talking and women writing
Now it seems likely that men invented writing and wrote what?
Maybe ninety, maybe ninety-five percent of everything that's ever been written
Oh there's the recent theory that a woman, the mysterious 'J', wrote much of the Old Testament; but only because God was portrayed in these books as patriarchal, tyrannical and inconsistent;
The way, presumably, only a woman would write about a man
But I think I can picture this 'J' scribbling away and laughing...
although the first time I saw the Bible re-enacted was sometime in the 70s and
there was a cable TV show in the Midwest and Bible study groups would act out
parts of the Bible
But these were pretty low budget productions and shot in a church basement or somebody's rack room and all the prophets had towels wrapped around their heads
for turbans, but you could see the tags, the ones with the washing instructions,
sort of sticking out and back
There were very few women on these tapes. They tended to be the odd shepherdess
sort dancing girl bit part
Then last year I was invited to perform in Israel and I was very excited
because I wanted to see Jerusalem, where this mysterious 'J' had spent her life
writing and working and the Gulf War had made me even more curious.
So I did some asking around, some informal research, and I talked to an Israeli woman who was living in New York and she was really having a hard time
living there, and she was always complaining about American men, and she'd say:
— You know, American men are such wimps..., I mean, they're always talking about
their feelings
And I said:
— They are?
And she said she really liked Israeli men because they were so tough and
because they all had guns and I said:
— Guns, you like guys with guns?
And she said she did and went on about how terrible it was that Clinton wanted
to reduce the army and she was so adamant about this that I started to get kind
of worried. Yeah, I thought, yeah that's true, what are all these military
people going to do when they lose their jobs? And then I thought, well, hang on,
we've got all these service industries now, things like psychotherapy,
and the military approach to psychotherapy would really be kind of perfect,
really efficient and fast, you know, listen, you are nothing, you are a worm,
and if you don't get that mother complex solved by 0400 hours you are dead