Перевод песни Laurie Anderson – Closed Circuits

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Well I know who you are, baby
I’ve seen you go into that meditative state
You’re the snake charmer, baby
And you’re also the snake
You’re a closed circuit, baby
You’ve got the answers in the palms of your hands
Well I saw a blind Judge
And he said: I know who you are
And I said: Who?
And he said: You’re a closed circuit, baby
He said: The world is divided into two kinds of things
There’s luck, and there’s the law
There’s a knock on wood that says: IT MIGHT
And there’s the long arm of the law that says: IT’S RIGHT
And it’s a tricky balancing act between the two because both are equally true
'Cause might makes right
And anything could happen. Che sarà sarà. Am I right?
Who? Do. Who? do
Who do you love?
Well I saw a couple of hula dancers just hula-ing down the street
And they said: Well I wonder which way the tide is gonna roll tonight?
And I said: Hey hold up hula dancers! You know the tide’s gonna roll out
And then it’s gonna roll right back in again
'Cause it’s a closed circuit, baby. We got rules for that kind of thing
And you know the moon is so bright tonight
Who? Do. Who? Do
And don’t think I haven’t seen all those blind A-rabs around. I’ve seen 'em
And I’ve watched them charm that oil right out of the ground
Long black streams of that dark electric light
And they said: One day the sun went down and it went way down, into the ground
And three thousand years go by and we pump it right back up again
'Cause it’s a closed circuit, baby
We can change the dark into the light and vice versa
Well I know who you are, baby
I’ve watched you count yourself to sleep
You’re the shepherd, baby
And you’re also one, two, three hundred sheep. I’ve watched you fall asleep
Well I was up real late last night
Must have just dropped off to sleep
'Cause I saw you were crying, baby
You were crying in your sleep
You’re the snake charmer, baby. And you’re also a very long snake
You’re a closed circuit, baby
You’ve got the answers in the palms of your hands