Перевод песни Laurie Anderson – Finnish Farmers

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
During WWII, the Russians were testing their parachutes. Sometimes they didn't
open at all and a lot of troops were lost this way. During the invasion of Finland, hundreds of troops were dropped during the middle of winter.
As usual, some of the chutes didn't open and the troops fell straight down
into the deep snow, drilling holes fifteen feet deep. The Finnish farmers would
then get out their shotguns, walk out into their fields, find the holes,
and fire down them
During the 1979 drought in the Midwest, the American farmers began to rent
their property to the United States government as sites for missile silos.
They were told: Some of the silos contain Minutemen, and some do not.
Some are designed to look like ordinary corn and grain silos. The military
called these Decoy Silos, but the farmers called them the Scarecrows.
The government also hinted that some of these silos might be connected by hundreds of miles of railroad in an underground shuttle system
This is the breadbasket
These are the crops
The shot heard round the world
The farmers, the Minutemen
The farmers, the ones who were there
Melting Pot