Перевод песни ZZ Top – If I Could Only Flag Her Down

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I dont need her money, I dont need a ride.
I got enough connections, I dont need a piece of her hide.
i just wanna please her,
I just wanna squeeze her.
I just wanna crash her,
I just wanna trash her.
if I could only flag ner down,
if I could only flag her down.
Well, its not because of her beauty and her brand new low cut blouse.
Its not because shes so snooty or a fine famed millionaire.
Its not cause shes in motion in a brand new cadillac car,
Its not because of her lotion, shes a real sweet candy bar.
I just want to meet her,
I just want to squeeze her.
I just want to crash her,
I just want to trash her.
if I could only flag her down,
if I could only flag her down.