Перевод песни Finch – Insomniatic Meat

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Oh, my god. I think I’m blind
I’ve found one color won’t suffice
You promised sleep tonight
Call it a whisper that comes from the distance
To protect all your children
One more, one more, one more minute
To fight off the bad guy…
Now go to sleep
Nightmares make these
Scars a stomach’s bloody hole
Sinking quicksand eyes
Makes for heavy sight
It’s painless
Painless to float above the earth
Like this
Tie me to a chair
Subconsciously surrendering
Now that I’m awake
It’s hard for me to make believe
Blood between the sheets
Insomniatic meat, oh — I can’t shut my eyes
Void of nightmares, leading upstairs
Do I follow? — I can’t shut my eyes
This is the worst thing that you have ever done x8