Перевод песни Foreigner – Woman in Black

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I knew the moment
I walked through that door
I felt so close to a burning sensation
It got so warm
As I moved across the floor
My body aching with anticipation
I saw a dark silhouette, at the table
I tried to talk, but I was unable
She drew me in right under her spell
I was hypnotized by the sudden temptation
Of that woman in black, she’s a mystery
She’s everything a woman should be
Woman in black, she’s got a hold on me
She’s in control, she won’t set me free
She is a woman
She’s not a girl anymore
The kind that stirs up a young man’s imagination
She’s dressed to kill
And I’m so ready to fall
Into her world full of strange fascination
Ooh, woman in black
It’s too late now
I can’t turn back
Because I’m a fool for that woman
Woman in black
Ooh, ooh, woman in black
She’s my mysterious mistress
But she leaves me so helpless
My woman in black
She’s a dark senorita
My woman in black
No Sunday school teacher
My woman in black
We’re keeping it a secret
We meet in the night
We’re partners in silence
Strangers in daylight