Перевод песни Poster Children – Get a Life

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You say that you have got an open mind
But it’s your mouth that’s open all the time
Tell me how you’re going to save the world
Screaming fire in an empty theater
Another heaven with another name
Revolution is always a day away
Strong opinions are not strong enough
The sky is falling, time to wake up
Get a life, get a life
Take a chance and change your mind
You’re out of touch, you’re out of time
Take it all, get out of line
Riots are red and violence is blue
Question them before they question you
It doesn’t matter which side that you’re on
When there’s no difference between right and wrong
No one told me that the world was flat
Don’t go too far you might fall off the edge
This is not the place I want to live
Where good energy rules with an iron fist