Перевод песни Poster Children – He's My Star

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I am on the beach
Looking for the thief
That stole my heart from under me
And let it drift to sea
Swimming too far out
I am almost drowned, no hope of being found
I am saved when a familiar face
Comes crashing through the waves
I saw him every week
Driving down the street
A savior in a brand new car
Shining like a star
Before he learned to swim
A voice would come to him on night rides
Faceless William elsewhere known as
Mark and the father of Benjamin
Don’t go out alone or stray too far from home
You know that summer’s here
And the coast is clear
The ocean’s not as calm as it appears
Although we never met
I felt like we were friends
He helped me through the worst days of high school
When I felt like a fool
One day he was gone
Left there on my own
I walked the halls he walked, washed up and lost
Without a clue that soon our paths would cross
He’s my star