Перевод песни The Spinners – If You Wanna Do a Dance

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Oh yeah,
Why don’t ya sing a song?
Baby, it feels good to me.
I wonder,
Does it feel good to you, now?
Hey, hey!
Everybody, everywhere,
Listen to us now.
Feel the music,
Don’t refuse it,
Let the rythm do it to ya.
Why don’t you let it?
Come on people.
If you feel like you wanna sing,
That’s alright.
I really don’t mind.
Sing on.
Hey now people,
Don’t be shy,
Don’t be ashamed.
There’s no stopping now,
Clap your hands,
Stomp your feet.
Let the feelin' move ya.
Woo hoo, yeah!
Let it!
Why don’t ya!
Feels so good (?)
So-oo right!
Uh huh,
? in'
Get down in your soul.
I hope y’all don’t mind if I, uh,
Can I tell ya a little story.
I was lyin' in bed,
And I heard a strange feelin' come over me,
And I-I tried to fight it,
But I just couldn’t keep it closed.
I had a feelin'!
There was a party goin' on…