Перевод песни The Cardigans – Lead Me Into The Night

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I went too far, yes I came too close
I drove away the one that I loved the most
Now I ride the tide on a boat made of sand
I’m sailing for another to guide me to land
And lead me into the night
Please drive away the light
Cause I’ve been blinded by glitter and gold
My eyes need to rest from this light
And sleep well at night
I traveled east and I traveled west
And I found a boy with a heart on his chest
I ran a ground my ship left to rust
Yes I found a guide in the city of lust
To lead me into the night
Oh, please drive away the light
Although my mother will never understand
I walk with him away from the light
And into the night
Oh you, you, you, it’s got to be you
You, oh you, it’s got to be you
True, true, it’s true, it’s got to be you
You, oh you, it’s got to be you
To lead me into the night
Well, I went too far and I came too close
I drove away the first one and now he’s a ghost
And I went adrift on a boat made of sand
It was leaking like a sieve but I made it to land
He leads me into the night
He drives away the light
He makes the darkness seem bright
And walks with me into the night
Away from the light