Перевод песни The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band – As the World Rises and Falls

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Your eyes have grown tired of
Hunting for the fox and the owl
For smooth stones
And a safe place to hide
In the hills is near your home
Now you walk with bare feet through the wet sand
And a boy sees you and comes running over
And stands for forty meters away
Wanting to walk on water
To turn you on
But you don’t pay any attention at all
As the world rises and falls
Now you have a woman’s shape
Thunderbolts in your fingertips
He has his eyes pinned on you
Be careful, he has whips and chains
And he plays ancient games
Over anyone standing in his way
He can change the color of the sky
If he wants to
But its only magic use to him
Don’t be easily taken
Or he won’t remember you at all
As the world rises and falls
I tried to tell you not to love him
Strongly as you did
You’ll go out again someday
But you won’t forget him for a long time
He tore the mask off your face
And then put you down
And made you want him
More than anyone before
And then he walked away
And you don’t hear from him at all