Перевод песни The Impressions – So Unusual

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It seems so, so unusual (so unusual)
After all that's been said and done
After crying out my heart for you (so unusual)
You'd think my love would be gone
And it's so, so unusual (so unusual)
I've said time after time, and again
That I'd revenge myself, and hurt you bad (so unusual)
For belittling my pride as a man
But there's something I'll lack
And I can't knock you back
There must be so much love in my heart
That it would tear me apart
And I know, although, you couldn't see
To hurt you — would only be — to hurt me And it's so, so unusual (so unusual)
I never thought I'd have to prove this to myself
That after loving you, and knowing you've been untrue (so unusual)
I still could love nobody else
What kind of fool am I It's so unusual (so unusual)
I know I'm not the only guy
And it's so unusual
I never thought, that this could happen to me Whooh-hoo-hoo-hoo, it's so unusual
So unusual