Перевод песни Robert Plant – Liars Dance

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Far four winds blow
There’s trouble and it won’t go
I’d really like to help you but you know
Truth twist liars dance
Money, money, greed, chance
Let’s take a little more before we go
'Cause we won’t be back again
No we won’t be back again
Trees cry, men bow
Kneel before the fatted cow
Let’s take a little more before we go
We won’t be back again
No, we won’t be back again
Oh, we won’t be back again, again, again, again
Oh, talkin' 'bout, talkin' 'bout, talkin' 'bout
Tell me Jesus what to do
A little time for me and none for you
Just leave it to the lady who’s sure
She won’t be back again
I know she won’t be back again
I’m sure she won’t be back again
Oh, she won’t be back again