Перевод песни Robyn Hitchcock – Let's Go Thundering

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I’m completely gray, you’re completely mad
You’re a middle-aged baby and the world is bad
Let’s go thundering
In a juicy chasm, down a mossy chine
I can feel your tongue running down my spine
Let’s go thundering
Let’s go thundering
Ah, your breath is sweet, it’s beyond belief
When your mouth curls round like a leaf
And the sky is bruised, kind of overcast
It’s about to rain, this bit always goes so fast
Let’s go thundering
Let’s go thundering
'Cause you gotta go
Yes you gotta go now
Yeah you gotta go
When the thunder breaks and the lightning flash
I’ll be in your heart even if we crash
When the thunder breaks, when the rain comes down
In the naked light, I will kiss your gown
Let’s go thundering
Let’s go thundering
A-one, a-two, a-three…
There’s a jewel box by your fleecy bed
And your finger nails caress my head
You’re the one I love, you’re the one I’ve got
You’re the one I’m with even when I’m not
Let’s go thundering
Let’s go thundering
Thundering… thundering…thundering…
Let’s go thundering