Перевод песни BINOCULAR – Paradise Dub

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As I walked across the land
A thousand faces came before me
And I followed it all the way
From the night until the morning
Oh, I feel you in my mind
And I feel you in my soul (don't say anything)
You can take it all away
But I’ll never let you go
Never let you go
And if I tell you one thing
I want it to be true
And if I say I’m leaving
Everything you knew
You can stop believing
Start to wonder why
But you can’t have it all
'til you leave it all behind
(just leave it all behind)
But I walked away from you
When I was young and just to get away
But in time you can get through
Everything must have an ending
So I walked a thousand miles
Through the sand and stormy weather
Just to get to where I am
Just to get, just to get back to you
Just to get back to you