Перевод песни Goo Goo Dolls – Strange Love

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You’re likin’what I say
Guess I was afraid you’d run away now
I’m loyal like a stray
Never gonna turn and run away now
A passion junkie’s fix is never satisfied
You’re never gonna break his heart so have some fun abuse it Strange Love
You’re a Strange One
You washed away your yesterday
I saw you cleanin’up
A bucket full of doubts
And a little bit of power grabbin'
When it’s all done
What are you gonna do With you
A passion junkie’s dog ain’t got a collar on He’s never gonna break so go ahead and shake him
Strange Love
Breaks Us Down
Strange Love
Though nothing’s gonna break us now
And you’re actin’surprised
Oh, all of the time
Into your charms
Slips my life
Strange Love
Breaks Us Down
Strange Love