Перевод песни Neil Young – It's a Dream

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In the morning when i wake up and listen to the sound
Of the birds outside on the roof
I try to ignore what the paper says
And i try not to read all the news
And i’ll hold you if you had a bad dream
And i hope it never comes true
Because you and i been through so many things together
And the sun starts climbing the roof
It’s a dream
Only a dream
And it’s fading now
Fading away
It’s only a dream
Just a memory without anywhere to stay
The red river stills flows through my home town
Rollin' and tumblin' on its way
Swirling around the old bridge pylons
Where a boy fishes the morning away
His bicycle leans on an oak tree
While the cars rumble over his head
An aeroplane leaves a trail in an empty blue sky
And the young birds call out to be fed
An old man walks along on the sidewalk
Sunglasses and an old stetson hat
The four winds blow the back of his overcoat away
As he stops with the policeman to chat
And a train rolls out of the station
That was really something in its day
Picking up speed on the straight prairie rails
As it carries the passengers away
It’s a dream
Only a dream
And it’s fading now
Fading away