Перевод песни Neil Young – This Old Guitar

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This old guitar ain’t mine to keep
Just taking care of it now
It’s been around for years and years
Just waiting in its old case
It’s been up and down the country roads
It’s brought a tear and a smile
It’s seen its share of dreams and hopes
And never went out of style
The more i play it, the better it sounds
It cries when i leave it alone
Silently it waits for me
Or someone else i suppose
This old guitar
This old guitar has caught some breaks
But it never searched for gold
It can’t be blamed for my mistakes
It only does what it’s told
It’s been a messenger in times of trouble
In times of hope and fear
When i get drunk and seeing double
It jumps behind the wheel and steers
This old guitar ain’t mine to keep
It’s mine to play for a while
This old guitar ain’t mine to keep
It’s only mine for a while