Перевод песни Taking Back Sunday – I'll Let You Live

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The first degree was a riot
You were making sure
My lesson’s leaned
I’m not ashamed but i’m trying
I’ve come to expect the standards you have set…
Tell me just how dangerous is second best
You’ve Settled for less and i’m sure you’ll settle again
You’ll settle for less
There’s no stopping me
I’m gutting you out
There’s no stopping this…
The closer i look is the further that you get
Already stubborn skin thickens
In a valiant attempt to understand
So understand.
There’s no stopping this
I’m gutting you out
There’s no stopping me I got tired of waiting, waiting, and i’m still waiting…
When the guilt subsides the night begins…
When the guilt subsides
The night begins.
Came as a gift from a good friend
That dissaproves
But understands
That you represent
And actively encourage
All of my worst habbits
They all are proof
That we’re both capable of the most terrible things
«Don't test me»
There’s no stopping this
I’m gutting you out
I know it’s not what you deserve.
Still, there’s no stopping me…
I’m gutting you out.