Перевод песни Murs – Love & Appreciate

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I get the feeling girl, you need someone
Who’d love and appreciate you
I get the feeling girl, you need someone
Who’d love and appreciate you
Now I was lost, confused, caught up in my feelings
When I first started finding other women appealing
Thinking that the grass is greener on the other side
I panicked
Settlin' down so young, wasn’t how I planned it
Man it seemed like yesterday we was all about each other
Never in a million years would I need another lover
But you got too familiar
Not like I didn’t feel ya
But sayin' something new when we make love, would it kill ya?
Nah baby girl, that’s not an excuse
Cause I probably coulda put that gym membership to use
I put on the weight, you put on the breaks
Now we both sit around with that look on our face
You wonder who I’m seein' and I wonder who you seein'
But we too afraid to ask cause we both got our demons
The reason we should try to keep this thing together
Cause we stood by each other through all types of weather
Now all that taking you for granted done stopped
And the love that we standin' on is solid as a rock
Not for nothin', but a couple months back when we fought
I couldn’t live with myself thinkin' that you were lost
But now we found common ground
The crib felt empty never havin' you around
Now we getting down and the sex is full throttle
Chilling on the couch watching 'Next Top Model'
Don’t wanna be nowhere else
It was time for me to put the pimp game on the shelf
You help with the bills and I help with the meals
They say that I’m whooped but it’s cool I know the deal
I found a real woman that’ll stay down for me
Shoulda never had doubts cause I found you early
While my homeboys search, I have what I need
And I’m glad you agree