Перевод песни Mike Jones – Know What I'm Sayin'

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Know what I'm sayin
Leaving niggas with the shits know what I'm sayin
Got the hittas with me now know what I'm sayin
If the crowd get behind me we got it here my nigga we got dope in this bitch
know what I'm sayin
Blue Hundas on me now know what I'm sayin
Ain't friendly ain't me know what I'm sayin
Got cash on deck and got hoes on deck we finna turn up in this bitch know what
I'm sayin
Know what I'm sayin
Been a hood nigga 7 days a week
You don't grind guess what you don't eat
If it ain't real nigga it ain't me
If you ain't standing in the paint it wasn't G
I don't fuck with you if I don't know you
I don't drive no more I got chauffeur
Riding dirty so I got to stay focused
Know the fire on me can tell by how I'm talking
I don't spoke shit tell how I'm walking
Know the dope good tell how I'm coughing
I don't wanna look good shit muscle
Lil nigga that's flex shit talking
60 M's that's a whole lot of zeros
100 rounds that's a whole lot of people
I'm out here before everybody and I mean that shit
I was raised in the middle of the trap
My hittas they don't know how to rap
Got a ho so fine and a bitch so bad
I ain't gotta run up in her strapped
Bring me 900 back on the pack
Try me and know I'm a bust a jack
Lil nigga you ain't got no stripes
Whole neck whole wrist on ice
Why I paid for the belt by the stack
You ever ran through 20 grand in one night
I send money dog I don't send kites
I'm in the club ducked off in the back
If we pull up on your ass on sight
It'll be a sweep make a bitch get right
I don't play around me and I'd die by me and I mean that shit
Might pay for a nigga to get robbed
Might pay me a bitch to get me hard
'Bout 2 or 3 M's on cars
Bought a mansion you'd get for a star
You ain't a D-Boy nigga you swag hard
Difference between me and you you a fraud
Wearing shit ain't mean nothing
I got a fold out choppa in my shorts
Got money nigga I don't need pussy
Throwing money on the bitch I ain't looking
Tell my side ho ask her what she cooking
Want 30 for a bird nigga working
You ain't shoot back nigga you a pussy
You don't suck dick ho you a rookie
I remind me a nigga ain't sparing no nigga