Перевод песни The Sun – Waiting on High

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I was walking the street just the other day
When I saw a favorite girl of mine walking up the other way
Stopped her on the street corner just to say hello
From the look, the eyes, the body language I should have braced for so
Much more
She said, who do you think you are mister guitar man
Struttin' so tall like only Chicken Little can
With your coy glance and your flirty look
You attention starved whore boy you wrote that book
Then she left me
Waiting on high
With the fear of god in me you know I narrowed my step
Tried to keep up my pace, felt like I broke my neck
When I looked backed just to see if it was all a joke
Saw all my old lovers and all the hearts I broke
So I went down to the bar to drink with my good time friends
All their hearts were broken so they had no ear to lend
To a strung out and missed placed, I’m new to this place, pathetic little
Hipster is gonna get punched in the face
So they sent me
Waiting on high
I don’t wanna be that boy with a gun in his hand
Firing two in the blue screaming this land is my land
This land is our land and this land is free
And that’s what I’ll tell the children when they’re murdering me
When I’m
Waiting on high