Перевод песни R.E.M. – Boy In The Well

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Look at this, it's me, walking away
Look at you drowning, on display
Every time I've dropped by, I've tried to say
The water is rising
You don't want to stay
It's that sinking feeling. you know what it's bringing on
You might as well say it
I see it, I feel it
This town is going wrong
It's turning away
You wanted me to be someone that I could never be
My new friends are offering things I've never dreamed
It's beautiful
I'd like for them to take me on
The track mall gang went off
On the Tennessee goth. a lunar moth
You chrysalis and flail
The water is rising. you try to rappel
A rousing cheer for the boy in the well
Here is where I look back
Here is where you fell
This is where I got up
Shaking off my tail
This is where your rope trick
Started to look stale
A greyhound pass for the boy in the well