Перевод песни R.E.M. – Aftermath

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Now the radio stutters. snaps to life
Some sour song that sets it right
And when London falls
He'd like to call
But the stars collide
They're beautiful and much maligned
In a universe where you see the worst
And it's up to you to fix it Now you've worked it out
And you see it all
And you've worked it out
And you see it all
And you want to shout
How you see it all
It's easy to dismiss the «what's it all about» crowd
There is no doubt. it's this, here, now
And you close your eyes
He's not coming back
So you work it out, overfeed the cat
And the plants are dry and they need to drink
So you do your best. and you flood the sink
Sit down in the kitchen and cry
Now the universe left you for a runners lap
It feels like home when it comes crashing back
And it makes you laugh
And it makes you cry
When London falls
And you're still alive
The radio stutters
It makes you laugh
And the aftermath
Open up your eyes
You're so alive