Перевод песни R.E.M. – The Ascent Of Man

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So hesitation pulled me back
I'm stronger when I don't attract
In your eyes I'm a lamb without a rack
And I am getting confused
I'm a cactus trying to be a canoe
As you pan for ore
In the desert, floored
I say to you
That I could never imagine a place so beautiful
I could never steal your gold away
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I try to walk like a big wham bam
I came across like a battering ram
I try to float like a telegram sam
I'm trying to divine you
My book is called «The Ascent Of Man
I marked your chapter with a catamaran
The accent's off
But I am what I am
I looked for you, it's my last grandstand
A motorscootered goat legged pan
Figure eighting in quicksand
Snd with my hands tied I won't crack
Cause in my mind I called you back