Перевод песни Adam Sandler – Hot Water Burn Baby

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Ryan, tomorrow’s the big day your mom’s coming home with your new baby sister
«baby sister»
That’s right ryan, baby sister. Now, we have to go over a few safety rules for
when you’re around your new baby sister
«safety rules»
Alright, rule number one: always wash your hands before touching the baby
«wash hands»
Do you know why?
Well, because you have germs on your hands, and germs make the baby sick
«germs make baby sick»
That’s right ryan, germs make baby sick
Okay, rule number two: Dont feed the baby anything
Well, because the baby has to eat special baby food, because other food is bad
for the baby
«other food bad for the baby»
That’s right ryan
Now, rule number three: no hot water near the baby cause hot water will burn
the baby
«i don’t understand, daddy.»
Well, that’s all I know so far, I’ll update you on the rest later