Перевод песни Adam Sandler – Listenin' to the Radio

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Where is my Peggy Sue
I could use a Rosaletta
If there is a long tall Sally out there
I’m dying to meet her
Why can’t i hear Beth calling me
Why can’t i be the one to make Sara smile
I wish i was arm in arm with Jeannie, Jeannie
Walking down the aisle
Oh yeah, all right
But i got no Mary Jane
There’s no sloopy or dancing queen
I’m just a fool in the rain
Waiting on my Billie Jean
I want an Angie, a Mandy, a Candy-o
A devil in a dress of blue
A Roseanna, Diana, Sweet Caroline
I’d even take a Runaround Sue
Oh yeah, all right
Well, i never got to scream for a Layla
I never saw Mary Ann, walking away
I never danced on the sand with a Rio
Woke up with a Maggie Mae
But there was no Jenny, Jenny
Why can’t get myself a brown-eyed girl
When Willie Nelson loved so many?
And why does Jack have Diane?
And Billy Joe have Bobby Sue?
And everybody had Roxanne
Except you know whooooooo
Come on
Well, i’d take any ole Suzy Q
I got no reason to be picky
She could be a goody goody two shoes
Or she could be my Darlin' Nikki
Oh Brandy would be such a fine girl
And so would the sweet Judy Blue
I guess i sound just like that other fella
Cause you know i wish that i had Jesse’s girl too
Oh yeah, all right
But i’d die for a kiss from Allison
Even though i know she’d break my heart
Or give me a lo lo Lola
Minus the extra part
You know i’d even take a Runaround Sue
Well i’d even take a Runaround Sue
Oh yeah, all right