Перевод песни No Warning – Breeding Insanity

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I’m right here, can you taste the glory
It’s safe to say that you don’t know me
End of story
I am falling behind, I am losing my mind
You won’t help me so I kick you away
The look in your eyes you don’t have tosay
'Cause I will never be a part
And I don’t want to feel likeI should start
Just to please you
I’m reaching out, the paranoia pointed my way
Lay the blame on everyone
The worst has yet to come
I’ve wanted this, it will be mind
I’m takin' every single fuckin' ounce of time
Every second is right
Every move is a fight
This won’t leave me, this won’t leave me alone
I hate ths side of me
Can’t stand these aggravations
Breeding insanity
Can’t help my disillusions
I hate this side of me
End all my hesitations
Breeding insanity
So I seek a solution