Перевод песни Ray Scott – Time

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My poor Mom was in labor 12 hours and I was born around 6:00 AM
For the time it took her to bring me in this world, you’d’ve thought the girl
was gonna have twins
I’d be a day older if that doctor hadn’t told her I’d be better off if I came
She said fine and that gave him plenty of time to get in 18 holes that day
Yeah time, time, everything takes time
From grabbin' hold of life to turnin' it loose
And in the time that went by while I sang you those lines
We all lost a minute or two
There’s a 15 year old ridin' shotgun down the road, he can’t wait to get behind
the wheel
And a grandma in the kitchen washin' dishes and wishin' she still knew how 16
Every year we get older, all the months seem shorter, kinda like weeks,
weeks seem like days
Yeah, the hours fly by when you’re havin' a good time, but they don’t stand
still when you ain’t
Repeat Chorus
Time only moves forward every minute leanin' towards that day
Our hair is gone or gray
We all make it and we use it, we waste it and abuse it
While the clock just laughs in our face
Repeat Chorus
Yeah time, time, we got nothin' but time
And there ain’t a dad-gum thing about it we can do
And in the time that went by while I sang you those lines
We lost another minute or two
So, let’s not lose another minute or two