Перевод песни Crime Mob – Put Yo Hands Up

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I suggest that you not come my way, if you don’t want trouble man
Outcomes going to be ugly when these hands meet your fucking face
The concept of the mouth is to state that we’re running shit
Niggas who think I’m shit will get wet up with no hesitant
Buck bitch and your going to see me act a fool
Fuck around and fuck some rules, its time to pay your fucking dues
Busting heads is what we do, bitch go get your fucking crew
And we will destroy you hoes with joy cause that is what we do
Pop, pop, pop, I’m here to drop top
I’m on your block, you best be ready
You can’t catch me, I won’t let you we to ready for you hoes
Check my status, I’m the baddest
I’ll come back and let you have it, boys think Tara’s bad
I’m packing when I’m blasting at you bastards
I’m your master, bitch I’m Diamond, quit your whining, lets be real
I interswine with the finest, and I’m bucking with that steel
Dont make me hit you, I come get you with that tissue
Knocking bitches heads off, cause I’m hard to fucking swallow
So put your hands up nigga and get your ass knocked out
Beat a nigga to the floor until he is fucking passed out
Nigga stop all that bucking before you get your head busted
Bitch you think that I’m playing, you come outside and I’m busting
Man the bullets be rushing and they going to rip you like tissue
Stop the running, I’m gunning and they’re ain’t no way they going to miss you
M.O.B. are my niggas, and when we come, we come hella deep
We stomping your ass to sleep, we stay on the damn Creek
In the club we be VIP, you trying to be like me
You want to fucking swing, but you got chaired by security
I’m Lil Jay and I’m feeling mad
From the Crime Mob that is known to throw hands
Nigga we can hold our own in our land
Sister can’t bare to rest you can’t stand
Everybody wants some of my shit, swinging with the pipe
Nigga this some tight shit put your hands up
This my playground, here’s your stayround, nigga you spray and you’ll get stuck
You’ll get knocked down straight to the floor, nigga you’ll die,
he’s trying to M. O
Filled with a security drill to kill hoes, nigga we’ll clear the state and make
Take your shit to flip and make more, clear my streets deep with real swain
Knock down all you hoes that hate me, and take them niggas out the damn game