Перевод песни Jaheim – Everytime I Think About Her [Featuring Jadakiss]

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Have you ever been in love?
Well, well, well
Yo Things was all fine when the sun would shine
But when the rain came, that's when the pain came
Sittin' up in the range, she feel some kinda way, she doin' strange thangs,
but I ain't with the games
Keep it a secret yo, it's cheaper to keep her bro
Two wrongs don't make this right, but we equal though
It's gettin' better though, I can't sweat her though
I love her but I can't let her know
I can't let her go She was 5 foot 4 from the floor
Prettiest little thing I've ever seen before
Her body was so tight, she had her hair done right, but who shorty with tonight?
I got that big boy sittin' outside
All I need to know if she'd mind if I took her for a ride?
I couldn't wait to meet her, on that first date to treat her, I just wanna to please her
So we jumped in the range, then she started actin' strange
Her attitude began to change (Ohhh ohhh)
As it began to rain
Shorty started to complain
About every single thing
Every time I think about her
I can't make up my mind (ohh no no no no)
And it's hard to explain just the way I feel about her
But I tell you what I know
Brown sugar love me real slow (heyyyy)
And I don't care what my friends say
I just can't let her go Two years go by
(I'm) tryin' to find a reason why (I) always seem to make you cry (I) just
don't know why
Well could it be, you always runnin' in the street? Come home from work ain't
nothin' to eat
Your stretch your little dough runnin' home for more, then you straight back
out the door, somebody tell me baby
Even though we fuss and fight
Cussing all through the night
She's in my arms all the morning light
We wake up and make up Even though she gets on my nerves
She take shit that she don't deserve
Tell me what's a woman like that worth?
(Tell me)
Now I finally realized got like heaven in my eyes I took a long time I apologize
Even though at times you messed up Shakin' your ass up in the club that's messed up But you coulda hit the block when the crib get hot
When my dough get low you be holdin me up But I'm still out here chasin', out here paper makin' what a brother gotta do...
Money is nothin but this ones goin' get purchased
House so high in the hills phones don't get service
Just listen even though we be riffin' without you around I think things would
be different
And not for the better neither my friends tell me I better leave ya I tell them
to get some better *****
Yeah we goin' make it pop mami but you shakin' your ass in the club gotta stop
Yeah get my yak get my dutch when I'm fallin' I need you to be my crutch
And we can just take it from there and see if the love can over power all the
hate in the air
Some things she should know I dont ever wanna let her go but if she keeps on with the moments...