Перевод песни Norther – Hollow

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In desolation
Life cut down
With misty eyes and breath so foul
A being, obscene
Hidden cries of future bound
To sure demise with nothing found
Rotten, vile, so undivine
Distress concealed
The demons so deep
Destined to be Lost, Hollow
Empty shell, no tale to tell
To follow
Destined to be Lost, Hollow
Tied down under a spell
To follow
In silent denial
A level of different lowness
To never see to be caught in the unreal
Nowhere near the fallen one
But everywhere under the sun
With nothing left behind
Now, come, see
To witness, to believe
How some glee
In sickness, not to be Healed ny anyone
Oh, fates all sealed
No one will escape