Перевод песни Faith Hill – The Lucky One

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So hot outside all I can wear
Is these cut off overalls
And these sandals on my feet
But I emptied my pockets for a bus ticket
So I could sit there on a broken seat
I got no place I should go I got no worries you know
Second or seventh street
It doesn't matter to me
'cause you're mine
That's all I need to know
The sunshine's everywhere we go It's so right cause I've got you to hold
Every night yeah
I'm the lucky one
I'm the lucky one
Well I pulled back down to my upstreet apartment
And the air never works in that old place
Twenty-seven and I thought I'd be further along
Than just this rented space
I got no papers to read
I got no cable tv And I got no places to be
I got no people to meet
I'm on a roll
When I'm with you
Don't stop me now
I just can't lose