Перевод песни The Used – Lunacy Fringe

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Wake up, my love
Never thought you’d make me, break me
Now I’m up from below
Such a brilliant star you are
And will your love keep burning, baby?
Burn a hole right through my eyes
And all these short times feel like no time
I thought you oughta know
I’m so far gone now I been running on empty
I’m so far gone now
Do you want to take me on?
Do you want to take me on?
Do you…
Do you know…
Do you know how long I’ve waited
To look up from below
Just to find someone like you?
And will your love light burn me, baby?
Burn a hole right through my heart
I think I might just trust you, maybe
But I’m not sure
I’m not sure I want to know
I think you could make me, girl
You could make me and take my life
I know you could break me, girl
Take all of me
All of me, yeah