Перевод песни Adam Sandler – Creepin' on the Mayor

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Oh, shit, is that them crazy fucks from across town? They
Didn’t see me, did they? Fuck it, they headin this way! Damn!
Gotta be somewhere to hide around here! No bushes, no
Trees, what the fuck?! I’ll just hide my ass in this garbage can!
There we go, safe and sound… No motherfucker’s gonna find
Me here! Shit, I’ll just wash my clothes later!
Where’d you run to, you candy ass motherfucker?
You can hide all you want, but when we find you we still gonna
Fuck you up! See you tomorrow, bitch!
No you won’t, cause I’m gonna stay in my basement all day…
I sure fooled them stupid fucks, hehehe…
I’ll be right there honey! Just let me throw these dirty diapers out!
Okay, baby
Man, they stink! That baby couldn’t stop shittin today!
I know, baby
I don’t care, baby shit don’t mean nothin cause I’m safe and
Sound! Shit, no one can fuck with me in this tin can! I’m a
Motherfuckin untouchable! Yeah, yeah!