Перевод песни Shifty – When We Were Young

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When we were young, everything was so new
We broke all the rules just to do it
And I don’t know how the hell I lived through it
Young and on the run, getting loaded like a gun
When we were young
Now time sure flies when you’re having fun
I wish I walked through life but I chose to run
I used to fien for abuse and play with guns
I played and payed the price, stil my life ain’t done
I remember running wild, not a care in the world
It was all about graffiti, and chasin' the girls
Running from the law and bar room brawls
Getting arrested callin' home with those late night calls, (When we were young)
Sorry mom, I’m in jail again
Tonight I got arressted with a couple of friends
You can either pick me up or send me some mends
Either way ma, it looks like I messed up again
Back to my P.O., or Rehab, or up north, to see dad
It’s just the way it goes when you were born to be bad
Actin' a fool, skippin' school, flicking off the principal
It’s hard for mom to believe me but she’s so convincable
Shoplifting gifts for the girls, with my boys
Walking out the sex shop, pockets full of sex toys
And, we’d bring the noise like you’d wouldn’t believe
At 16 started getting tattoo’s up my sleeve
Throwing up the 32, taking part in dirty deeds
So if you wanna get high, I got whatever you need
And if you wanna get em' up, I ain’t afraid to bleed
I’ve been to Y.A. 3 times, so don’t you step to me
While you brag to your parents about your A’s and B’s
I was underneath the bleachers with a THC
A GED, a Chemical Dependency, and a PHD in Whiskey and Stonerology
I lead the breakthrough in ways to use technology
You can learn from my mistakes but it’s more fun to follow me
And it’s never too late, I don’t hate who I’ve become
So let’s smoke another one and remember, when we were young
When we were young