Перевод песни Cut Chemist – Motivational Speaker

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Start remembering what you hear
Well hi out there and welcome to
And now the worlds most foremost authority check it out
Wearing the red striped shirt!
What do you do
It’s a highly specialized field
Playing records. constant fun
Are you ready?
Lets motivate
The DJ of the future is going
To be a respected member of the community
Motivate people to get out and buy, and try or use
Getalong lil' doggies
Your there creating, thinking feeling, doing
Its a lot of fun to do. lets motivate
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
And welcome to the first annual DJ convention
Shut up
Give the best of which you feel you are are capable
Is that good?
It’s only good when people listen
But if people don’t listen to it, then it’s no good
No that’s wrong you’ll do it this way
He’s having a ball
DJ work is one of the most rewarding
And enjoyable tasks a person can set for himself
If you don’t like the product keep your mouth shut
It’s as simple as that