Перевод песни Cut Chemist – Storm

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It’s crazy in here
We take you now to the satellite
You want action, storm the studio
(Hit the Studio)
Crush, kill, mutilate, spill
Blood, thud, the limp body is a thug
Flood scarlet, protoplasmic cells, flow, slow
With no halo, dragon in hell
Stay low key, praise, elohims
Melodies, play hellish strength, M-O-G
I see radios through the M-I-C when I speak to ya
When I cease, When I leave, through the exit
The question is can I be, Smoother
Choose you manoeuvre to Buddah
Be beautiful sooner first
Get in tune with the Universe
Versatility add activity (?)
Captivity, energy through seafood
Gotta be the prelude to what we do kid
My blueprint makes you rent tuxedo’s
Taggin' & raggin' & baggin', zig-zaggin'
And back in the diagonal crush of bun b-lo
Trust me though, you fuckin' with the lux regal
What mud evil can clutch the untouched eagle?
See you at the summit, you plummet more
While I soar through the unexplored
Toured where the sun goes warm
Paramour, I perform through a storm
My radioactive uniform leaves you deformed
Unify man, woman and little guy
Visualize, I can design rhymes that symbolize
Rhymes that intertwine with time lines for 99 lifetimes
That unwind to find the minds of mankind to shine
Define simile
Simulate the template of the best made verse
Innuate to emulate words
Don’t denigrate the trade, create birth
The unification of race as that verse was clashin'
Oppression in murderous fashion
Bread new plants, virtuous craftsmen
The seamen’s in the sand, you see 'em from the air
Fu Manchu pants had a verbal assassin
I settle all things through a megaphone
I spit transmit land split sanchez
Another grip by lif, thats M-R to the L-I
Leave niggaas near far for rippin' tongues soft
Searchin' for the center of ya frame, just copy
Got no blood, your arteries left soft
Hot of the presses, yeses, the EPs’ll bless us
Strifes and stresses, various points infiltrate us
Laps collapse cells within the cause of contrast
First, worst, anything reacts for tracks
All your personal facts 'till ya backtrack
And guess your illiterate who gets stomped and laughed at
So primitive, (?) a figurative
Phrase from back in the days I use to the little kids
Amplest mental midgets, with ten digits
Opposable thumb don’t mean you can get dumb
Officially its only my mind that limits me
And lately I’ve been havin' visions of infinity
On the horizon, I’m a prizin' when my tales be survivin'
With me sur-rhymin', some murderers were left silent
Those who spoke choked on hope, threw up
So much pressure in their cell 'till their dome blew up
I’m helpin' the hell boy, the piles compose my frame
And they’ll even diss a pain through range
Train the ladder, my flows compose the louder
For you to ripple down 'till you hit the ground
Check my synopsis, ripped by cyclops’s
Autopsy deemed trite trite from lobby’s
Sloppy in some cases, your flow fold by four places
Mold to the globe’s oasis
History’s a myth to me, the current is electricity
An ankle that’ll start and dangle there
Physically swivel maybe talk to T La Rock
So give up and put down the Mic
And admit that you’re soft and get DONE