Перевод песни Neil Young – Sun Green

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Sun green started making waves
On the day her grandpa died
Speaking out against anything
Unjust or packed with lies
She chained herself to a statue of an eagle
In the lobby of Powerco
And started yelling through a megaphone
«There's corruption on the highest floor!»
Suits poured out of elevators «They're all dirty!»
Phoneheads began to speak «You can't trust anybody!»
But security couldn't get her down
She was welded to the eagle's beak
Sun green leaned into that megaphone
And said, «Truth is all I seek.»
Security brought in some blowtorches
News cameras recorded the speech
When the city is plunged into darkness
By an unpredicted rolling blackout
The white house always blames the governor
Saying, «the solution is to vote him out»
On top of that great bronze eagle
Sun's voice was loud and clear
She said, «Powerco is working with the White House
To paralyze our state with fear»
It was a golden moment golden moment
In the history of TV news
No one could explain it It just got great reviews
Hey Mr. Clean, you're dirty now too
The Imitators were playing
Down at John Lee's bar
When Sun went down to see 'em
Someone followed her in a car
So now when she goes dancing
She has to watch her back
The FBI just trashed her room
One of them kicked her cat
The damn thing scratched his leg
And he had to shoot it dead
And leave it lying in a puddle of blood
At the foot of Sun Green's bed
John Lee's was rocking
The Imitators drove it home
Sun was dancing up a heatwave
For a while she was all alone
When up walked a tall stranger
He shadowed her move to move
In perfect unison
A supernatural groove
He took her by the hand
And the room began to spin
He said, «I'm Earth... Earth Brown
You know the shape i'm in
I'm leaving tonight for Alaska
And I want you to come in the spring
And be a goddess in the planet wars
Trying to save the living things»
«i'm ready to go right now,»
Sun green told earth brown
«let's go back to my place
Pick up my cat and leave this town behind»
Next day sun green got busted for pot
And it made the headline news
But then the charges all got dropped
And the story got confused
She'd still like to meet julia butterfly
And see what remedy brings
And be a goddess in the planet wars
Trying to save the living things
But that might not be easy
Living on the run
Mother earth has many enemies
There's much work to be done