Перевод песни Jaheim – Tight Jeans

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You been lookin' real good lately', makin' me feel
I know were friends but listen up Can't be comin around me in tight jeans makin' weak
I think you really trust me too much
You and me been cool since back in middle school
Like when we used to clown and run around and act a fool
Now that we're older I've been noticing you bustin out those jeans
Never seen that comin up and you know what I mean
When other niggas tried to holla had to let em know
Told em none of y'all ain't good enough the truth be told
Cause when I first figured what love I was a young blood
And you've always been a treasure, we've always been together
Are you that little girl that i once knew
Who would know I 'd see you fitting your clothes so well I can tell
You not that girl from junior high school
That for sure your changin da rules now that your fine as hell
Now there you go again on my lap
Thinkin' I'm in control and I won't react
When your form has grow so fat
By time you know for all that it's worth
Ya killin' me softly in those Prada tops and miniskirts
How's she's puttin in work
All up in my face
Girl what did you think
That I'd stop being a man
When you came on the block showing ya promise land
On the back of that bike
Showin just what I like
And I wonder if you get it do you have comin babe
I know you trust me too much girl
You really trust me too much
I think that trust me but too much girl
I know you trust me too much
I can't take it no more
Got to let it be known
I been watchin you
Been waitin on you
Fade to end