Перевод песни Mest – Jaded (These Years)

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There's a time and place for everything
There's a reason why certain people meet
There's a destination for everyone
What's the explanation when were done
All the summer nights spent wondering
So many questions asked
But no one's answering
Would it be okay if I left today
Took my chances on what you said was wrong
I'm jaded, stupid and reckless not sorry
When I'll never regret these years spent
So faded and reckless not sorry
And I'll never regret these years
I'll never regret these years
Now here I sit so far away
Remembering all our memories
Well it's times like these when I miss you most
Remembering when we were so close
I'll never forget the places we've been you and I
Our lives are slipping away, don't want to let time pass us by