Перевод песни Barenaked Ladies – Unfinished

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I left a tip, but it was never a donation
I took a trip, but it was never a vacation
I took a seat, but I refuse to a number
And so defeated, I proceeded unencumbered
I'd say an ounce of prevention
Is worth a pound of attention span
I took her hand, but it was not in matrimony
I told my side, but it was never testimony
Spanning all the ages
Turning all the pages
The history of me is incomplete
Everything is Un-
Everything is Unfin-
Everything is Unfinished
I played along, but it was not for recreation
I left my home, but it was not evacuation
I made a pact that I would finish what I started
I admit the fact I was distracted and outsmarted
Everything is unfin-