Перевод песни Eila Pienimäki – Vanhan veräjän luona

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We are born to die ***
You’ve been dyin' for 400 years
I’m a motherf*** *** Wit an Attitude
I’m a motherf*** *** Wit an Attitude
I’m a motherf*** *** Wit an Attitude
I’m a motherf*** *** Wit an Attitude
I got a case, of spittin' in a motherf*** face
So me and my ace, we got a taste
Of a motherf*** Billy club, he took his gun and
Put it to my head and said, «*** start runnin'»
So tell me what’s the next episode?
Is he crazy, does he want to chase me or waste me?
I thought «Run, ***, run» but I caught myself
Because my secondary thought was death
I’ve got head and heart real but still motherf*** said
I want another black motherf*** dead
'Cause it’s a race for second class
So get your ass up against the wall ***
And then he tried
To jump me but the punk became a victim of a walk-by
It’s just another way to let you know
Y’all can’t *** with me, real motherf*** G
Straight from the streets of the CPT
Tellin' you why, real *** don’t die
I just wanna celebrate
Sure you don’t wanna die?
I just wanna celebrate
Get on down, here it is
Real *** don’t die 'cause they eventually multiply
The *** I’m with, they take an eye for an eye
Because the times are so wrong, gotta stay so strong
And don’t let no paleface throw your ass in a snail race
Have your residence occupyin' a jail space
That’s what they wanna do 'cause the system is *** around
I try to let you know with the record that’s underground
They don’t give a *** about a ***, they would rather pull the trigger
And have you runnin' from barrels smilin', sayin' geez
So *** get smart and rebel back
I’m not with that black *** so I’m not gonna yell that
All I see is *** gettin' harassed
And can’t do nothin' about it but get a foot in they ass, yo
But if every *** grabbed a nine
And started shootin' motherf***, it would put 'em in line
And that’s how it’s supposed to be
When a *** ass *** try to *** with me
Yo, because it’s useless to try
To kill a *** 'cause *** a *** real *** don’t die
I just wanna celebrate
I just wanna celebrate
Sure you don’t wanna die?
Die ***, everywhere you go
I’m a motherf*** *** Wit an Attitude
Only the good die young, so that makes me young and bad
Puttin' ass kickin’s on the *** that never had
So I guess that makes me tough ***
Straight up gangsta, wrong *** to *** with
So how can a *** die when he’s causin' the bloodshed
By shootin' motherf*** in the head?
Tryin' to make a *** extinct because they fear me
But never wanna hear me
So I’ma let 'em know how a *** livin'
Takin' from motherf*** 'cause nobody ain’t givin'
A damn thang to a ***, a real ***
So I’m livin' by the motherf*** trigger
'Cause a *** ain’t afraid of bein' locked up
I’m out of luck, so why should I give a ***?
But they still want to try
To kill a *** like me but motherf*** real niggas don’t die
I just wanna celebrate, yeah
I just wanna celebrate, a real *** don’t die
I just wanna celebrate, yeah, motherf***, I