Перевод песни Hothouse Flowers – It'll Be Easier in the Morning

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If the lonely night surrounds you
Yeah you’re weighed down by gloom
No you don’t like what it feels in Your dark and dirty room
It’ll be easier in the morning
It’ll be easier in the day
Sun will shine on though your window
We got light to lead the way
Looks like the bottle has run empty
Yeah your heart is torn and dry
Lord you don’t like what it feels like
Your sad and lonely eyes
Looks like the highways never ending
Yeah your legs they feel like lead
Lord you’re twisting yeah and turning
In your wide and lonely bed
It’ll be easier in the morning etc.
Looks like you got no one you can talk to No one left to talk to And your heart is torn’n’blue
Yeah you look in no direction
No direction…
I guess these words might pull you through